Student Perspective: Perks of a Part-Time Job

Whether it involves walking dogs, waiting tables, washing dishes or wrapping presents, part-time jobs can take on a variety of personalities. These jobs are most popular over the summer or upcoming holiday breaks; they are also beneficial to add some pocket change for a change. Other points of interest for part-time jobs include:

- A variety of skills acquired through different tasks: technology, cashier, food handling, manual labor, etc.
- Improved soft skills like communication, organization, time management, etc.
- Great way to discover personal strengths and interests to apply to a full time job later

My part-time job this summer was at a brand new restaurant in Birmingham called Urban Cookhouse. It counted as an internship when I helped with their marketing and advertising. I felt a sense of pride and ownership with being a part of the foundational team for a very successful restaurant. I worked the cash register, developed people skills under pressure, organized the food and sign displays, and learned how to save face in a fast paced hospitality job. It taught me more than I could have anticipated, but overall it taught me that my dream job will NOT be in the food industry.

CBS News produced a special on the predicted requirements of a part-time job this Christmas season. Their main suggestions to students looking for part-time employment:

1) Be Flexible
2) Look Beyond the Mall
3) Think Full Time
4) Apply in Person

For additional articles, read presented an article "Who's Hiring the Most this Holiday Season"

Check out the news special and consider making the most of your free time by applying for a part-time job. You might find something at, and make sure you get help from the Career Development Services staff in developing your resume before you apply!

Margaret Kloess'10

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