Student Perspective: HIRED!

From start to finish of the fall semester it has been a journey of exploring, connecting, and learning so much about myself to bring me to this point of being hired. I did not believe it could happen, but this series of events has resulted in a job customized to my personality and skills. 

You too can graduate with a job!

I will be the Event Specialist at the American Heart Association, and will use my Spanish degree to invest in the Hispanic community after planning the Heart Ball. The pay and full benefits meet my expectations and research. The location is ideal - three minutes from my house! Ten employees work at this facility, and I work best in a close-knit team under pressure. Knowing my strengths and areas of improvement were key during the interview. The CDS Handbook and tip sheets taught me so much from the job search to the final acceptance of the job offer. What has helped most along the way:

1) Networking:
- Contact coworkers or professors
- Auburn Alumni clubs
- Internship directors for your college or a company
- Family and friends

2) Preparation:
- Perfect that resume
- Construct several cover letters
- Dress to impress for that interview
- Be prompt with thank-you letters and follow-up emails

3) Creativity:
- Think outside of the box when job searching and applying
- Present your skills and how they can apply to the job position
- Suggest new ways to improve your position or the project

My advice to you students and soon-to-be graduates is to never give up or settle for a job below your potential. Make the position and the company better through your hard work and dedication to the job or mission. Use all the resources at your fingertips to point you in the right direction. Therefore, I'll see you at Career Development Services!

Margaret Kloess '10

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