Student Perspective: What's on your Top Five List?

Have you ever thought, “What if I have no options?” I hope this idea leaves you thinking, but please know that in preparation for a future career, it is very important to provide yourself with several options.

It is time for you to think about what it is that makes you really happy and will bring you joy at the end of the day. When examining my own personal career opportunities, I examined my network of contacts. I considered all of the individuals I had known in my lifetime and thought about potential employers that I may have the opportunity to connect with and share my interest in pursuing a future career. Matching the people that I know who may have contacts or influence within companies and organizations that may offer potential job opportunities is a productive form of networking.  

My dad assigned me to a Top 5 list of categories in which I could see myself working. Beneath the Top 5 categories, I had to write down two companies that would fit the mold of a ‘type of work’ I desired in a job.


Type of work:
ESPN, Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment
Pharmaceutical Company, Coca Cola Company
Ronald McDonald House, The Grand Hotel
Southern Company, Televox
USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, St. Jude’s Research Hospital

Take a moment and think about your personal Top 5. Where can you see yourself working?

Ok, now that you have your Top 5 written down, it is time to think about a POA, or Plan-of-Attack.

CDS Intern '11

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