What 3 Job Seeker Types Scare Recruiters Away?

In reading a youtern article, I thought I must share:

Is it possible that there is a reason you are chronically unemployed? Do you fall into one of these three categories: the Ego, the Victim and the Stalker?

The Ego

The Ego personality type is typically a person who writes checks his resume can’t cash.

Perhaps they’ve been downsized, or climbed the ranks of management to the point they just can’t deal with the thought of sliding backward. Maybe they obtained a certain status within their industry, or developed an elitist attitude in their professional lives. For certain, they don’t seem to realize that was an economic lifetime ago – and they can’t let go.

If you are an Ego job seeker personality type:

Take a step back. Return a humanistic approach to your job search – and a certain degree of humility – by volunteering within your community. By working with others, you’ll regain a sense of balance – and will then be able to focus on what is important to you, including financial security, a sense of contribution and personal independence – rather than letting what you used to be define you.

The Victim

Almost the polar opposite of the Ego, is the Victim. He can’t find a job, has little confidence – and tells the world that his situation is everyone’s fault – but his.

The typical Victim has built a fortress around himself. He’s submitted dozens, perhaps hundreds, of online applications and perhaps has been on several interviews. That effort hasn’t resulted in a single job offer, however. So despite continuing to actively job search – he has no expectation of receiving an offer anytime soon. The most telling sign of a Victim: he blames everyone and everything else for his current situation – the economy, his city, his old boss or company, maybe even his spouse or family.

If you are a Victim job seeker personality type:

Try something different! Take your job search in a different direction. Recognize that what you’ve been doing is not working. Also realize that no one wants to hire someone who constantly complains, makes excuses and blames others; they want someone who will fit their company culture and add to a pleasant, positive working environment. Network more. Blog. Join the career-related chats on Twitter. Enlist the services of a professional career counselor or coach. And until you find some self-confidence… celebrate every little victory: a new lead, speaking to an influential contact, a new internship – anything to help you get out of victim mode.

The Stalker

The Stalker is one who is so eager (read: desperate) that she leaves all common sense behind.

She applies for the same job 16 times in three weeks. And/or after the interview… calls, emails and tweets so often she either scares, or annoys the hell out of, the recruiter. Through her actions, and perhaps despite the perfect resume and work experience, she comes off more like Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction’ than she does the perfect team member. The Stalker rarely gets a first chance, and never gets a second. No one wants to hire a stalker.

If you are a Stalker job seeker personality type:

Relax and resist. By “relax” we mean STOP letting your desperation show. And by “resist” we mean that you must resist all temptation to turn into an overbearing, relentless candidate whom no one wants to hire. For a detailed “how-to” on effective (non-stalker) communication with a recruiter, see “No One Wants to Hire a Stalker“.

If you’re job search is stalled, thoroughly review these three personality types and evaluate yourself honestly. Do you fit into one of these categories?

With so many candidates competing with you for that dream job, be sure you don’t become a recruiter’s worst nightmare: the Ego, the Victim or the Stalker.

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