Surrender to the Smart Side: CDS’s Crib Sheet Mobile App

On the tech savyness scale, I’d rate myself a solid 7. While I’m pretty handy with the technology I have learned and work with daily, I do not actively seek out the latest and greatest new gadgets. I held out on buying a smart phone for a long time, but in December, I finally surrendered to the smart side. Through several weeks of frustration and confusion in attempting to navigate the new world of apps and touchscreens, I eventually became pretty comfortable with my new phone and began to see its value and appeal.

In January Career Services, with the help of Cap and Compass, created a mobile app; a crib sheet (i.e. cheat sheet) for the transition from collegiate to professional life that blends important information on work and dinner etiquette, insurance, and retirement plans with Facebook and Twitter feeds from your favorite Auburn groups. The 50+ available feeds are completely customizable so you can pick and choose the information you want to receive. I love the fact that this app allows me to keep up with career events and job opportunities while also tracking Auburn University sports and news.

And maybe best of all…it’s absolutely FREE

The app is broken into three parts: news, topics and resources. The News section pulls in your choice of Auburn feeds so you can have constant contact with your favorite groups. For example, you may choose to pull the Career Services feed, the SGA feed, and the College of Liberal Arts feed. Next, the Topics section provides real world advice and tips that will help you navigate life on your own. Presented in a fun, cheeky manner, this area covers everything from apartment rentals to international travel. Finally, the Resources section gives Auburn students and alumni access to discounts on insurance and other items from campus partners.

Download the Auburn Crib Sheet app today for your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android mobile device and start receiving a plethora of valuable information to help you prepare for your professional life.

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