Tiger Recruiting Link Could Land You Dream Job!

Ever wonder how some people are always “in the know” about the job market, internship opportunities, interview possibilities- and these things appear to seamlessly fall into their laps? These people, who set the bar high for folks like you and I are not lucky; they are working the system everyday to their advantage and reaping the rewards! They are consistently searching for opportunities; and I am going to let you in on their well kept secret by teaching you how to do the same, by sharing the steps I took to land my very first job interview!

When I began working at Career Development Services, I registered for Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL), both a local and national site that allows employers to post job and internship opportunities and allows students to cipher through the listings (which is also linked to Monster, NACElink Network, etc….) to find positions that fit their skill sets and career interests. After registering for TRL, I was able to upload my resume. This allows me to find a job listing and within seconds and send my resume to the prospective employer.

After scouring TRL a few weeks ago, not looking for anything in particular, I came across a dream entry-level position at one of the best public relations firms in the United States, and they were coming here (in Mary Martin Hall) to interview candidates that qualified for their program. With no hesitation I sent them my resume and held my breath as I waited to hear if they wanted to offer me an interview. Just a few short days later, they emailed me to set up an interview time to meet with me here...on Auburn’s campus.

My interview was yesterday, right here within the Career Development Services office. I believe it went well because I used such CDS resources as the Interview Tip Sheet and others to my advantage. While it will be some time before I hear back from this potential employer, it has not stopped me from continuing to look for other opportunities on TRL and other websites available through the CDS website.

So fellow students, if you don’t already, learn to take advantage of the vast resources our office has to offer. With TRL, thousands of local and national employers, and endless possibilities available through the web, you too can work the system to your advantage and find job listings and interview/ internship possibilities that are right for you! Register today, and be on the hunt for your dream job!

Caitlin Coffee
CDS Intern ‘11

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