If You Have Something to Sell, You Must Be Able To Sell It

As an entry level employee, if you have something to sell, you must be able to sell it.

Bring your compassion, will, and commitment to the table. Hiring managers have to hear it from you. They will hear that you are speaking from the heart. If you are confident in a specific skill, go in as confident as you can be.

Pick 3 top skills. If you are a highly educated applicant, companies may find that your knowledge offers a competitive advantage for the company in their given marketplace. If you are asked to sell yourself, do it.

After competing for an internship or entry-level position, among thousands of qualified applicants, and you are offered an interview, this is your time to shine.

Be confident in your ability to be the best at the job and this inner drive will take you far. There is a possibility that your dream internship could transition into a full-time hired position.

CDS Intern '11

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