I've Got a Feeling- The Role of Emotional Attributes

In finding a job, connections are very important. I’m not talking about connections solely in a networking sense, but focusing more on the act of connecting. While it is vital to build professional connections, it is especially important that you actual CONNECT with the person you want to hire you. Think of your attributes, your qualifications, in two ways: rational and emotional. Rational attributes relate to your competencies; your ability to perform the job. Emotional attributes forge connections between you and others; the human aspect.

Rational attributes are critical to finding your job and your resume is a great means of marketing them to employers. However, most if not all of your competitors (other job seekers) and future colleagues likely possess the same rational qualifications. So, in an interview situation, I encourage you to consider the emotional attributes you bring to the table. While reiterating your career related skills and experiences also make sure you are conveying the human qualities you have that make you different and more desirable than other candidates. Are you a great motivator who can inspire others to action? Do you have a vision for future growth? Communicate the you-specific attributes you have to offer.

Rational attributes will make you attractive to the company and lead to interviews, but employers look for the emotional attributes, sparks of passion and enthusiasm, when making a hiring decision.

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