Getting Ready for the Career Expo

If you are planning on attending one or many of the Career Expos next week, you probably have wondered what you are supposed to do.

  • Do I take resumes?
  • What questions do I ask?
  • How do I dress?
  • Who will be there?

All of these are valid questions. Here are a few Before, During, and After tips for success at the Expos.


  • Have a list of places you for sure want to go to. Build a strategy for who you want to talk to and where they will be (look at the map of the event beforehand).
  • Make sure your resume is ready to be presented. You can have it reviewed by CDS if you'd like.
  • Bring your resume in a portfolio where you can keep business cards and notes. Leave your cell phone and backpack at home or in the car if you can.
  • Create some questions for the employers you want to talk to. Be specific with these and let the questions reflect your research.
  • Arrive early and dress professionally.
  • Identify your strengths and prepare how you will convey these. This is called your 60 second commercial. If all you had were 60 seconds to convince someone to be interested in you as a job/intern candidate, what would you say?

  • Get a lay for the land. Walk around the expo area to make sure you find your targets and look for other opportunities as well.
  • Be confident and introduce yourself. Make sure you don't speak too swiftly. Break out the 60 second commercial.
  • Ask good questions and follow up on the ones they ask you.
  • Make sure you get a business card. When you walk away from the table, jot down a few notes to remind you later of the conversation.

  • Write "Thank You" notes to each of the people you meet. Remind them of some high points of the conversation and reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Be Persistent and observe follow-up procedures suggested by the employer. Wait a reasonable amount of time and follow up about the status of your application.
For more information, download the How To Work a Career Fair tip sheet.

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