In the Pines, In the Pines, Where AU shines

AU's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences combines unique expertise, passion, and commitment to train students to address society's ever-increasing needs for enhanced quality of life and sustainability.

The Forestry/Forest Engineering Majors trains you to manage, maintain, and sustain the diverse forests that make up various local and regional areas. You not only get the strong science and mathematics background, but a lot of opportunities for hands-on learning.

Smokey the Bear loves him some AU Forestry students.

They not only know how to prevent the fire, but th
ey can maintain the whole area as well.

The Wildlife Sciences Major prepares students to become certified wildlife biologists with knowledge in areas such as management, trapping, habitat analysis, botany, methods of research, and much more. During your time as AU, you'll have a chance to work hands-on with a number of wildlife species that have included white-tailed deer, feral hogs, bobwhite quail, and birds of prey. The Wildlife Sciences/Pre-Vet Option prepares students for further schooling in Veterniary Medicine.

More information on the majors:
Forestry with Biosystems Engineering Option
Wildlife Sciences
Wildlife Sciences with Pre-Vet Concentration
Duel Degree in Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

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