Student Perspective: Type Focus and Your Future

As the spring semester is already underway, many students are beginning to research future job opportunities and summer internships. Experience plays a large role in the job hiring market; and the more experience you get, whether at a local part-time job or high paid internship will help set you apart from other job seekers in your field of interest.

A great way to find a job or internship is to concentrate your search to topics in which you are passionate about. Whether it is music, architecture, design, or science that tickles your fancy, there is a job out there that caters to you and your specific interests and skill-sets. Don’t know what kind of skills you have to offer? Unsure of your personal strengths or best personality traits? Career Development Services can help you find these answers and so much more in their easy to use personality and skill-set assessment Type Focus.

Type Focus allows you, as an Auburn student to gain insight into career choices that align with your skills and passions, as well as help you evaluate your best learning styles, and help you make educational and career-oriented goals. It is perfect for freshmen and sophomores who are still searching to find their strengths and hone in on a major; yet it is also effective for upperclassmen looking for affirmation for their skill-sets they already possess and the majors they have already chosen.

Either way, Type Focus is an invaluable tool that Career Development Services offers to Auburn students. Take the short assessment here and find out what kind of careers fit your personality and passions today!

Caitlin Coffee '11
CDS Intern

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