Student Perspective: Starting Job Search

Graduation is just around the corner and the reality of finding a job is sinking in. You may be screaming, “What am I supposed to do?” or “Who would hire me?” Stop right there. For those graduating in four months, seven months or twelve months, the clock is ticking and you should start preparing for the future today!

My first recommendation is to create a list of the places and companies you can see yourself working. Where can you apply the skills gained through leadership roles in college and high school that will contribute to the success of a company?

I know this step may feel overwhelming, but it is you that has to land the job interview and see yourself working day-in and day-out. Think about where it is that you would like to be long term; a place for you to move up the ladder or grow within the company.

Take a moment and think, “Where would I be best fit?” Though this may be your first job, it is certainly not your last. Most individuals will have to make adjustments and maneuver through several careers throughout their lifetime.

Following your list of companies of where you may desire to work, the next step is to write out the types of work you would like to do. For example, 

Local Television News Station
American Cancer Society
Make-A-Wish Foundation
American Red Cross
Alabama Power
Types of Work:
Television Production
Event Planning
Organization Management

Following this exercise, remember to ask yourself, “What am I going to do?”, “What are my skills?”, “What can I bring to a company?”, and “Why would I be worth hiring?” This may come as a reality check or a chance for personal reflection, but it is paramount to examine your abilities and qualifications. Keep dreaming and shoot for the stars!

CDS Intern '11

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