Top Five Cities Hiring

According to this ABC News article, the following 5 cities are reported to have increased hiring despite current economic hiring trends:

Portland: Thank you technology. (Auburn grads might now want to wear their orange and blue tie or sweater during an interview, however.)

Minneapolis: Thank you manufacturing and retail. (And apparently they are expanding the Mall of America…wow!)

Houston: Thank you oil and energy. (Note: housing and health care are up there too because people keep moving there.)

Washington, D.C.: Thank you business services. (You folks with great organizational and attention to detail skills…off you go!)

Orlando: Thank you…ummm…Harry Potter?! (Seriously…it’s a huge new complex and tourist draw and created new jobs in entertainment and service there.)

The article wrapped up with reporting that “the most in-demand jobs in most major metro areas that are experiencing consistent jobs growth are computer software analysts and registered nurses.”

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