Career Leadership Seminar: Finding the Leader Within

Career Development Services and Target have come together to sponsor a seven-week program offering students the chance to increase self-awareness, hone their interviewing skills, and prepare for a successful career development process. The event, titled, Career Leadership Seminar: Finding the Leader Within, is an opportunity ALL juniors, seniors, and graduate students should take advantage of this spring.

To gain more insight about the seminar and all that it has to offer, I sat down with Audra Perry, a Career Advisor and Graduate Assistant that has helped put the program together. She answers any possible questions or concerns students may have to the following questions:

Why should students participate in the Career Leadership Seminar?
It is a free service provided by Career Development Services that will help students prepare in transitioning from college to the workplace.

What kind of advantages will students gain through the seven week course?
Students will learn to market their skills and strengths to employers. They will also learn more about themselves through the free assessments they will take, including the Myers Briggs and StrengthFinder.

What are some topics that participants can expect to discuss during each weekly session?
Participants will learn about their personal strengths, values, and goals; as well as hear speakers from Human Resources backgrounds, employers, and have ample discussion of resume building, cover letter writing, and interviewing.

Do interested students have to have previous contact/communication with Career Development Services in order to participate in the seminar?
No, any student who is interested should just apply online here.

What kind of valuable information will students come away with from the seminar?
They will learn to work effectively with different personality types, learn their top five strengths in order to successfully incorporate them in interviews, and assess their personal values in order to find a better understanding of themselves.

Also, since Target is a sponsor for the Career Leadership Seminar, they are sending an employer to discuss with students what employers expect from college graduates, and how they can get ahead of others applying for similar job positions.

Any other advice or information students should know about the Career leadership Seminar?
Students should be prepared to attend all seven sessions. Career Development Services and Target have invested a lot of time and money into the program, which will provide students with valuable information about themselves and the workplace. Another plus, food will be provided for students during each two-hour weekly session.

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