Student Perspective: This is Not Brain Surgery

Say you are interested in the PR department; hiring managers rally to bring in the top-notch entry level PR people. When seeking an entry level position, there is a world of opportunity and competition among every applicant.

If you are an upper level student or senior in college, it is great to know that opportunities are out there. Spend time on a potential employer’s website and examine the job descriptions for a fresh college graduate. This is not brain surgery. Keep in mind that you will have to bring your work ethic to the job. You must expect to work.

When asked, “What are you looking to do for our company?” by a hiring manager, it is important to know the appropriate way to respond and answer questions.

Never say, “I will do anything.” This statement makes you lose your credibility. Hiring managers are interested in you telling stories about your experiences that make you qualified for the position. If you want to do “anything”, it may be the appropriate to do some personal reflection and gain additional skills to make yourself more qualified to be in the running for a job.

Find the one or two skills you can bring to the position. The correct response is, “these are my skills and this is what I want to do.” Talk to employers as an educated, informed and qualified college graduate.

Mold yourself to be ‘the cream of the crop’ that hiring managers are seeking to hire. The competition is high, but if you choose to set your priorities high, it is your responsibility to take ownership of maintaining the skills necessary to land that ‘one’ position a company is seeking to fill.

If you feel you are a strong candidate, take a leap and apply for your desired entry level position.

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CDS Student Intern '11

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