“Winning” After College: Successful Saving, Spending, and Social Networking

With college graduation looming on the horizon, I have been putting all of my focus and attention on trying to find an internship or job within the realm of my chosen major. While it is commendable that I have been proactive in my job search, I have come to the realization that I am ill-prepared to handle everything that comes along with having a “big girl” job in the real world. At first, this terrified me. I had visions of living in a cardboard box on the side of the busy city street wearing my suit at all times. Overdramatic and horrific I know! However, these nightmares vanished when came upon this University Career Development Services tip sheet…the holy grail of information about life after college, wrapped up in an easy to read guide of convenience.

Literally, if you have a question, this tip sheet has the answer! It covers everything from buying a car, renting/owning a home, investment funds, tax forms, diet/exercise, to decorating your office in a tasteful way. The tip sheet goes in to great detail about planning for the future, and supplies the reader with a sample budget outline to see where saving money and spending money really counts. This tip sheet gives the new graduate valuable advice about saving money from each of your paychecks to build an emergency fund, as well as looking far into the future and saving for retirement.

It also hits on building a social network in your new place of residency after college, which is extremely important. It discusses branching out within your new community by being actively involved in professional associations, alma mater chapters, religious organizations, and finding hobbies and volunteering in areas that interest you.

I advise all seniors to check out this tip sheet, it has become my go-to guide for my future, and could really help benefit you in planning, maintaining, and successfully “winning” in your life after college too!

CDS Intern ‘11

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