Resumes - 20 seconds, this is the New Age

It is true. You have 20 seconds to make a real impression on a hiring manager. Give employers “the stuff” to define your candidacy, “not fluff”. If you are proud of your experiences, provide a link and clips of your published work. Focus on that “20 seconds” that make you stand out over the potentially thousands of other job applicants. You have to bring something to the table. You have to bring more than the average hire. It’s not impossible, you need to bring you’re A-Game.

A resume is a first impression. Let other people look at it. It is wise to visit a career counselor and hone in on the important elements from your experience that qualify you for the job.

Take your first 22 years and make a real impression on a hiring manager. If the hiring manager is impressed enough, you will hear from her or him. Give it your best shot. Take advantage of the opportunities presented by the hiring process. It is all about competition. 

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