Work Values - Tough Questions to Answer

Evaluating your personal work values can be an important aspect in finding the right company for you. Many companies require long work hours, time on weekends and holidays.

Are you prepared to tell your family that you will not see them on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Independence Day, to name a few?

Think about your current situation: you are a college student, comfortable and enjoying courses to prepare the future. What you may not have thought out, however, is that a future employer may have set schedules that require you to sacrifice your cherished time with family and friends over the holidays and seasonal breaks.

Are you prepared to make that next step? Give up your family traditions and special memories for a job?

It is important to recognize that the future is bright, but making sacrifices is all part of the process and reality of life after college. After you have put in your time with a company, you may be granted weekends and holidays off to visit with family. When the going gets tough, employers want to know that you are part of their team, and that you are someone that they can count on.

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