One little, two little, three little Internships

A freshman thinking about pursuing public relations or sports management asked me just this morning, "When do I start seeking an internship? They won't give me credit until I'm a junior, right?" My answer..."Who cares about credit. You need the experience. Start today."

Then, I read an article this afternoon from the February 2011 issue of the Campus Career Counselor, and it cited several resources emphasizing the importance of having multiple internships to be a competitive job candidate.

So...if you are wondering what you could be doing with your time in college other than playing Wii and watching Dr. Phil, here is the answer: Pursue an internship in your field(s) of interest! Check out the article  below:

It’s become a given that internship experience is key to a successful job search for college students and recent grads. These days, however, employers are increasingly seeking students and grads who have completed more than one internship, according to a recent article in BusinessWest: The Business Journal of
Western Massachusetts.

“Multiple internships are becoming very important now,” says Nicholas Wegman, executive director of the Chase Career Center at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

“It used to be that having an internship would get you an edge. Now, it’s almost assumed that business students will have an internship—and the buzzword is multiple internships.”

As a result, students/grads who don’t bother with internships, for whatever reason(s), are at an even greater disadvantage than they might have been, say, five years ago in a similar entry-level employment environment.

“It’s become more competitive,” says Deborah Pace, director for employer relations at Western New England College (MA). “If an employer looks at a student with a business background who interned for a
semester or two, and then one who didn’t, and they both interview well and present themselves well, more than likely [the employer is] going to hire the student who did the internship.”

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