The New Face of Online Recruiting

From the Official Glenn Shepard Newsletter - April 12, 2011

In a June 2009 issue of Work Is Not for Sissies, I predicted that the website LinkedIn was about to explode, and recommended that everyone who reads this column get on the website.

An article in USA Today last week confirmed that the website has not only exploded, but is starting to replace paper resumes.

Last year, 5% of college students used LinkedIn to find a job. This year, 28% are doing so.

They're not only looking at the profiles of the companies they want to work for, but also at the profiles of individuals who work at those companies.

This proves what I've been preaching for years: Good managers with strong leadership skills are the best recruiting tools any company can have.

Matt Lavery, managing director of corporate talent acquisition at UPS says that they've gone as far as to create mobile-friendly websites so that people can apply for a job from their cell phones....

If you're not already on LinkedIn, get on it right now and have every other member of your leadership team do the same.

To view a sample LinkedIn profile, click here Glenn Shepard's.
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