Recruiter Spotlight - Northrop Grumman

University Career Services introduces, Jon Hansen, Technical Recruiter. Learn what Northrop Grumman is seeking in future employees through this video captured at Career Expo. Get the inside info!

1. What are you looking for in a candidate to bring to your company?

“I am looking for someone with excellent technical skills. Someone who has shown through their course work and outside interests, that they have a great love for engineering and a great capacity to do the things that we need them to do.”

2. What background are you looking for a candidate for your company? Do they need to have professional internships, co-op experiences, and professional work experiences?

“We need someone with strong software engineering skills. You can get that through your course work, some of the projects your do, any outside work you have done with an internship or a co-op is always very helpful, especially if it is in the defense world. If we can get someone with a Secret Clearance for instance, they become a lot more valuable and easily to market to our programs.”

3. When you are looking at two candidates, what makes one stand out over another?

“GPA is something we always take into consideration. Also, an internship or some projects, if you have a portfolio of some graphic design work you have done or you can show some of the things you have done, as far as software engineering goes, that is always very helpful.”

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