Recruiter Spotlight - Drummond Company, Inc.

University Career Services introduces, Ron Richardson, Director of Talent Management and Development. Learn what Drummond Company, Inc. is seeking in future employees through this video captured at Career Expo. Get the inside info!

1. What are the qualities you are looking for in a prospective candidate to come to your company?

“We are a very hands-on company, so we are looking for folks that are really comfortable in doing that type of work. Particularly, we are looking for engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial engineers, and those with engineering technology backgrounds. In terms of qualities, honesty, dependability, hard working folks, and people who are willing to take initiative are just a few of the qualities we are looking for.”

2. Are their background experiences, in terms of internship and co-ops that you like to see in prospective candidates?

“Anyone who has taken on internships during the time they have been in college that is an excellent way to show us that you are really interested in pursuing that particular career. We feel the same goes for co-ops. If you have not pursued one of those two things, the other thing we are looking for are people who have had outside jobs. Maybe while they are working outside of class or they have taken a job during the summer. It shows that they are willing to get out there and do whatever it takes to help themselves along.”

3. When you are looking at two candidates, (who are nicely dressed, they talk to you about their resume experience, education, GPA background) what makes one candidate stand out over another?

“With all things being equal in terms of their presentation, they both come in, they are well-dressed, their shoes are shined, their slacks are creased, and they have a nice knot in their tie, all those things. The ones that are going to walk away with a more favorable impression from us are the people who have had some experience doing other activities while they were in college. Particularly, service type activities, if they have been involved with their church, have they been involved with their fraternity or sorority, and doing something outside of themselves. That is an important piece. The other thing, are the ones that have taken time to do research on our company, who know who we are and what we do before they walk up. They are already starting to talk to us about what I refer to as the “value proposition.” That is, “here is what your company does, let me tell you how I think I am going to be able to add value when I come in. Those people get a lot of consideration.”

Ron Richardson, Director, Talent Management and Development with Drummond Company, Inc. stated, “It is always good to come down to Auburn and Alabama. They are my two favorite places to come because the young folks are well prepared and we get a lot of good candidates from both schools.”

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