Recruiter Spotlight - Huntsville Chamber of Commerce

University Career Services introduces, Mark Brown, Workforce Recruitment. Learn what The Huntsville Chamber of Commerce. Huntsville is seeking in future employees through this video captured at Career Expo. Get the inside info!

1. What kind of prospective employee are your looking to come to the Chamber in Huntsville?

“As far as the Chamber, we look for individuals who are bright and take initiative, great attitude, but take initiative and pride in their work. The skill sets can be very diverse, within writing speaking, marketing and community involvement. Different skills sets are needed to broaden the community.”

2. Are there certain backgrounds you looking for in a candidate? As far as internships, co-ops experiences, and professional work experiences that can really make them stand out compared to other candidates?

“At the Chamber, currently we market the positions that are in our community, helping our business community attracts young professionals and what we have designed is a website, and there are three sections. Students can see the job opportunities in our area and upload their resume for area employers to see. The feedback we get from our employers and what they are looking for in the candidates. To prepare them, candidates should do research on the company they are looking at, understand information about the company, their products or services or the goods they make, how they compete in the market place and understand how their position, their role they are applying for fits within the team, the organization that helps them move forward in competing in the market place and helping drive their company forward in the global market place. To be aware of the company, who they are competing against, their skill set and what they can bring to the table.”

3. Are there tips you can lend to student to prepare and make them the best candidate and stand out as compared to another candidate who is in professional dress, has a good GPA and good resume?

“Be prepared and do anything you can to take advantage of co-ops and internships. Anything you can do to prepare yourself and have skill sets in your field of study. Also work on the soft skills, the people skills. Being able to speak, talk and communicate amongst teams and different folks at different levels in an organization. The main thing is to be prepared, understand your skill sets and how they fit within the company you are talking about. I know it is like a broken record, but it is important to be prepared and do the background necessary. Starting with yourself, understanding your skill sets, what you have to offer and what you are looking to do in the market place, all are very important. Another key trait is having interpersonal skill sets that become crucial as they move on in management throughout their career.”

Mark Brown stated, “You all do a great job at Career Development Services!”

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