Recruiter Spotlight - Mohawk Industries

University Career Services introduces, Cathy Diska, Director of Human Resources. Learn what Mohawk Industries is seeking in future employees through this video captured at Career Expo. Get the inside info!

1. What are you looking for in a candidate to come to your company?

“We are looking for the college degree, Engineering for today. We are looking for students who have a diverse background. We are looking for students that have specific engineering experience. Co-ops are great, I think it shows us the opportunity that the students are flexible, but it is not required.”

2. Are there certain qualities that candidates and employees within your company now have that make you different from other companies?

“I think the ability to be flexible is a quality you will see within our employee mix. I think, obviously the background in the industry is a bonus, not required. Some of the qualities are the ability to be a good fit. I think that is really important.”

3. Is co-op experience or work experience something you look for in a candidate?

“It is difficult in this industry to find someone that has work experience and is a young college grad, but if they have experience within their major, if they have worked in an engineering environment, or if they have worked in any other kind of area, it can be important. Co-op experience is great, but I am not sure where a student would have co-op experience that would be relative to the carpet industry. But, certainly co-op experience shows me that a student has a lot of fortitude, is interested, and is trying to gain experience. That says a lot about the co-op experience.”

4. Are there any tips you have to offer to students in preparation for applying for an internship or entry-level position within your company?

“First of all, eye-to-eye contact is very important and the ability to communicate. A firm handshake really helps. I think that shows a lot about the student. I think some of the experiences they have had in school, some of their leadership qualities they have gained in the classroom, or any kind of small group environment certainly will be a benefit for them. But look me straight in the eye and give me a firm handshake and that really says a lot to me about the students.”

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