Recruiter Spotlight - Wise Alloys LLC

Career Development Services introduces, Brian McDonald, Recruiter-Human Resources. Learn what Wise Alloys LLC is seeking in future employees through this video captured at Career Expo. Get the inside info!

1. What are you looking for in a potential candidate to come to your company?

“I am looking for some technical folks that like hands-on work and who are not afraid of a heavy industrial environment that is loud, and sometimes it is dirty. We run 24/7, 365 days. We are looking for people with the energy and passion to come in, get their hands dirty sometimes and grow.“

2. Is it important for a candidate to have professional work experience, internship experience, or co-op experience prior to interviewing for a position within your company?

“It is important. It is large for us. That is a big deal. We like to know that you have some idea about what professional life is and have some idea of how they have reacted to it in the past.“

3. When you are looking at two candidates, what makes the candidate stand out and fit your company mold?

“I am looking for someone technical. I am looking for someone who will get their hands dirty. Have they worked on a farm and made it go, did what they had to do to make it work? I am looking for someone who has worked in a plant that understands, 'We have got to go.' And sometimes, I come second, the plant comes first. I am looking for that kind of passion. The work experience will say a lot about that and it gives a grounded picture of where they are. It is not just academics and not just book work. They know what they are talking about. They want to get into it.”

4. Are there any tips you have for a potential candidate coming in?

“I would say, show passion. Show passion for what you are going to do and show that you want to grow, learn, and you will pay the price to do it. There is some sacrifice involved and ‘I am willing to do that’. That is what I want to hear and ‘I want to go’.”

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