Expo Ready: The Resume

Over 150 employers will attend the Career Expos on September 19 and 21, and hundreds of students will be anxious to engage in a conversation with recruiters and hopefully impress them with their resume.

Are you confident that YOUR resume will stand out?
Read on to put it to the test!

1) What does it LOOK like?
  • Did you use bullets to communicate your skills?
  • Can the reader tell what degree you are completing and when it will be completed?
  • Are your margins and general layout balanced?
  • Are the font size and style easy to read?
  • Does the information fit on one page? 
2) What does the CONTENT say about you?

If you helped and worked in every job (as outlined by the start of each bullet), you have buried your skill set, thus not presenting yourself as highly qualified for any job or internship. You MUST use key words that relate to the needs of the employer. The Auburn University Career Center handbook offers a great list of action verbs on page 15. Use it!

3) What does it FEEL like?

That's right, feel. Did you print your resume on regular typing paper last minute in the library before you walked over to the AU Hotel and Dixon CC or did you think ahead and print your resume on nice, resume paper? Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. all carry appropriate paper. (Hint: Go in with a friend...you probably don't need 500 sheets of it!)

4) How do you present it?

Scenario 1
A student approaches a recruiter's table and hands the recruiter an awesome resume, head hung, shoulders slumped and eyes on the goodies on the table and says:

"Hey, so, ummm...can I give you my resume?"

Scenario 2
A student approaches a recruiter's table with a wide, sincere smile, makes eye contact, and extends his right hand for a handshake and says:

"Hi, my name is John Doe. I'm a senior in xyz major graduating in May 2012. I reviewed your information through the Career Center's website earlier this week, and I am really interested in your college to career program. My resume outlines some applicable leadership and industry experience that I would love to talk with you about, and I also have a few questions about the program if you don't mind."

Whose resume do you think the recruiter spent time reviewing?

5) Now what?

If you have questions about how to prepare your resume, elevator speech or for Career Expo in general, please take advantage of the tips listed on this website or meet with a staff member during walk-in hours:

Student Center Walk-In Hours: 10 AM - 1 PM, Monday - Thursday
303 Martin Hall Walk-in Hours: noon - 4 PM, Monday - Friday
Additional liaison hours are listed here.

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