TYPE Winners

Meet the 2011 TYPE: Auburn's Top Young Professional Event winners.

Schavion Graham and Danielle Kessler

Schavion Graham is Auburn’s Top Young Professional Male Winner. Graham is a senior majoring in Business Administration from Huntsville, Ala. After graduation, Graham will pursue his Master’s in Higher Education Administration and possibly also his Master’s in Business Administration. Ultimately, Graham’s goal is to have a Doctorate Degree by age 30 and be a university president.

As the male winner, Graham won a professional wardrobe from Dillard’s, a business portfolio and a trophy. According to Graham, the process was easy to navigate. Other than the previously mentioned prizes, Graham also said he got good interview experience with real employers, and those employers gave him tips for bettering his resume. He says he is “really excited…and honored to be this year’s winner.”

Danielle Kessler was selected as the female winner of Auburn University’s Top Professional Competition. Kessler is a senior Interior Design major from Montgomery, Ala.After graduation in August, Kessler hopes to find a job in residential interior design. She worked the last three summers doing commercial interior design, and would love the experience of a different field.

Kessler thought the process of becoming Top Professional winner was a smooth one. She enlisted the help of the Career Center through the various phases. “[The Career Center] helped me narrow [my resume] down to one page because I had a two page resume,” Kessler said. “That was really helpful, and it was really easy because I just submitted it through email. They sent back corrections, and I made those corrections to my resume. So it wasn’t anything that I had to go in and it took up a lot of time.”

Kessler also used the Career Center’s website for interview tips and sample questions in preparing for the interview portion of the competition.

Last Friday, Kessler redeemed her $500 gift card to Dillard’s. She said that it was a good experience, and the Dillard’s manager was there to help her make wise, but fun professional clothing choices. “It was a really good experience to get me ready for my future interviews...for my internship next year,” Kessler said.

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Interviews and videos by Paige Robinson '12
Auburn University Career Center Intern

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