Student Perspective: Overview of Career Center Resources

In addition to providing excellent resume assistance and career guidance, Auburn University’s Career Center offers a myriad of services to those students who are currently in search of part-time or full-time opportunities, co-op positions and internships. Traditionally, job searches were conducted through use of local newspaper advertisements and bulletin boards; however, due to advancements in technology, the national influx of recent graduates as well as national job shortages, locating and acquiring positions has become an almost daunting task. Furthermore, thanks to online services such as: Interview Stream, Career Shift, Going Global and USA Career Guides, Auburn graduates remain at the top of their game in job placement.
Listed below, you will find brief descriptions of the previously named services and how they may be used to aide you along your job search:

Interview Stream is the pioneer of online video interviews. This remarkable software provides students who will be interviewing for jobs and on-campus positions with the resources necessary for acing the interview process. Through use of Interview Stream, students may engage in virtual interviews specifically customized with questions relative to the position in which the student may be applying for, view examples of successful interviews, and watch interview webinars that provide tips from interview experts on how to successfully market oneself to a potential employer. Students have the option of using Interview Stream services on their PC, Mac or iPad as long as each of these technologies is equipped with a video camera and microphone. The student then has the option to watch, assess and share their interview for further critiquing.

Career Shift provides job hunting and career management solutions proven to aide job seekers in securing employment. As stated on, “CareerShift is available to everyone simply by signing up and logging in; or through institutions and organizations nationwide.” CareerShift is a top performer in providing assistance to students in landing jobs. The “My Jobs” function allows the user to view every job posted at every website. “My Contacts” facilitates the networking process by allowing the user to find, save and organize a list of contacts. “My Documents” allows the applicant to upload or create, edit and save resumes and other documents related to their job search. “My Campaigns” allows the applicant to send documents via mail or e-mail. Lastly,“My Calendar” reminds the applicant of arranged appointments and interviews; the applicant has the ability to setup both e-mail and text reminders.

Both Going Global and USA Career Guides are services created by Mary Anne Thompson. These sites are comprised of individuals representing many different countries who all share the commonality of having worked outside of their native countries. provides students with access to career and employment services for more than 80 worldwide locations. It is the only career resource of its type. Local experts who also provide annual updates regarding those positions have researched each posted job. Thompson and her staff are committed to encouraging international employment and delivering useful and unique material to help applicants make an informed decision regarding job opportunities away from their homeland.
For further information regarding use of these resources, please contact the Career Center at 334.844.4744 or via e-mail at

Peer Career Advisor Post by: Kierra Rumph

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