"This is my experience..." Intern Spotlight - Bradley

Bradley Addison, a senior in Supply Chain Management at Auburn University, landed a full-time job with Dow Corning after interning for them during summer 2012. I talked to Bradley recently about his internship experience and asked for his advice to other students considering an internship experience. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am currently a senior and will be graduating August 2013. I have always enjoyed being involved on campus with various student organizations such as ASCMA, DEI, Alpha Kappa Psi, and the College of Business Student Council. I always make a point to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and to take the initiative needed to be successful. My goals are set high and I will use my strong work ethic and drive to achieve those goals.

Where did you intern and when did the internship take place?

I participated in a Procurement Internship with Dow Corning this past summer 2012 in Mt. Meigs, AL.

Describe your internship experience and the responsibilities you had.

I was given goals and responsibilities for my internship that allowed me to get a picture of Dow Corning and the industry that it was in as well as gain some experience in the Procurement function of the organization. My goals/responsibilities included:
  • Analyze site spend and achieve an annualized cost savings goal
  • Map and document workflows of the site to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency
  • Evaluate INCO terms of supplier base
  • Interface with site suppliers
  • Present findings and project progression to site and corporate management

My internship experience was very valuable not only to my professional development, but to my industry knowledge development as well. I applied things I learned in the classroom to my internship and then applied things I learned during my internship to the classroom. I could apply the concepts I was learning in class to the real-world experiences I had with my internship.

I was even flown out to Kentucky to participate in an intern trip that toured the company’s facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee. It was a great networking opportunity!

Have you participated in any other internship opportunities during your college career?

This was my first true internship experience. I have worked for the Auburn University Career Center since I arrived at Auburn as a student Peer Event Planner but have not worked directly in the Supply Chain Management area of a company.

Do you recommend that other Auburn students participate in internships and why?

I not only recommend, but think that it is essential for students to participate in an internship. It will give you an immediate advantage when searching for full-time employment. Even if you end up not enjoying your internship as much as you would have liked, it will still give you great experience and will provide you with effective talking points during an interview. You will gain hands-on experience in your field of study and will have incredible networking opportunities with professionals in your field. Cast your net wide and apply for as many internships as you can. Do not get discouraged if you are rejected! With enough effort you are almost guaranteed to receive some type of internship.

What are your career plans following graduation?

I was interviewed at the conclusion of my internship for full-time positions. I was offered a job and accepted it within a couple of months. I will be moving to Midland, Michigan to work at Dow Corning’s corporate headquarters in a Transportation Management and Supply Chain Planning role.

If you are willing to relocate, career opportunities will greatly increase for you!

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